We wax – part1

Mammax3 non butta via niente. Ho incubato questo post da molte settimane e ora lo pubblico, anche se ne manca un pezzo. Non prendetelo sul serio, è per ridere.

There are many things anyone can say about Italian people, but no one can deny that most of (almost all) Italian women show no body hair. In 2 words: we wax.
It is, of course, a cultural trait.
First of all, I do not think that this habit comes from a sense of inferiority or from the feeling that Italian women must be perfect for their macho men. Except meterosexuals, the only men that face that problem, I believe that average Italian men have never grasped the truth that women DO REALLY HAVE body hair. Men have body hairs, women don’t. And who are you, crazy woman, to tell the truth?
In summer, but also in winter, Italian women take care to be “decent”. They are known worldwide to be proud and strong. Pride of themselves and the feeling of strenght are much more easy to acquire in total comfort with their body.
What’s more, most Italian women have dark hair and Lucy the Australopitecus, not to mention Cheeta the Monkey, are just scary to be seen in 2016.

I am lucky because I have not a very strong monkey dna and I am blonde, just like many other German women. But girls, I tell you a secret: blond body hair are NOT invisible. Still, it seems that people in Germany just don’t see what catches the eye of any Italian: far from needing more bleaching/blonding, women just need to wax.