The two Fs

Geography could have helped: living in Germany is not like living across the Ocean and there’s full of different travel options, less then 1 hour fly from Milan, 5 hours drive from Como to Stuttgart.


My family is not like any family and it is extremely different from any Italian Family stereotype – meaning relaxed people, mommy full time in the kitchen and dad at work. My parents work more than anyone could imagine, they are successful too, they have 3 adolescents to take care and, being both active, fast and furious, they have no free time. They need at least one week to organize themselves from the moment I call them and there is no chance they could stay with us for more than 2 days: it is not that they don’t love me or my children, but actually there is no way they could be of any help in an emergency.


If you are like me, living in a foreign country with no Family available, you know you’re not alone, you can rely on the other F, Friends. By the way, I am always telling my son that “Friends (relationships) are the most important thing in life“, it is time to prove it.
In a few weeks I will probably need some help, even if I hate disturbing others with my own problems and I’ll do all I can to avoid it. I am touched that so many offered their help and I’ve hanged a list of their names and telephone numbers on the fridge. Any time I fear birth / the trip to the hospital / any other complication, I read it aloud again and I don’t feel panic  anymore – and of course I suspect most of my fears are caused by the hormones.

What could I do for those wonderful people when everything will be fine again: a special ThankYou party? A little present? Any ideas?


p.s. Sorry, I just wanted to talk about the two Fs. It goes without saying, I have the best Team partner.


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