Wir sind in Deutschland, hier!

Today I got the “famous” remark, from a 4 year old kid while I was leaving my kid in Kindergarten. I’ve heard similar experiences from other Italian -but also English, French etc…- mothers, but it never happened to us and it was sad and still very funny.
It was sad because I can’t believe this is a 4 years old kid idea, and he should definetly have heard that somewhere. It was funny because this kid understood that sometimes he is a idiot should keep his mouth shut.

I had already left my babygirl in Nest and I was kissing goodbye to my boy in Kindergarten. Speaking Italian, of course. This kid came from the back and said “Wir sind in Deutschland, hier“, we are in Germany here.
I was stunned “Und so?”
Ihr dürft Deutsch reden” You should talk German.
Aber Ich kann 4 Sprachen reden. Wie viel kannst du?” But I can speak 4 languages. How many can you?
He thought a little bit and than sadly answered: “Ein“.
Than my boy took courage “Und Ich kann 2 reden!!” And I can speak 2!
And the boy replied: “Nein du kannst auch nur Deutsch!” No, you can speak only German too
My boy with a very strong “you idiot” tone “Nein, Ich kann Deutsch UND Italienisch reden!!” No, I can speak German and Italian

I would really love to meet the boy’s parents and handshake.


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